Product update: Eliminate your energy waste with Sensorfact Alerts

Get notified instantly when energy waste is identified to reduce your energy costs.

Sensorfact Alerts  notifies you:

  • when assets are wasting energy
  • which assets require immediate intervention

To set up Sensorfact Alerts, you must configure two thresholds:

  • Power: can be set as lower than, higher than or in between
  • Time: can be set as a minimum duration or a specific period on a day or week

With these thresholds, you will be automatically notified via email or Whatsapp (webhook) when interventions are needed to avoid your asset’s energy consumption to deviate from its optimal values. It can, for example, alert you when an asset consumes power outside of production hours or unnecessarily consumes power because it is in standby state, as can be seen in the graph below.

How to get Sensorfact Alerts

Customers can order Sensorfact Alerts directly from the webshop. Not a customer yet? Please contact our sales team to request an offer.

Written by

Anne Gierveld

Marketing Manager