Berry | PET Power identifies savings potential of €28k while using Sensorfact

Berry | PET Power, supplier of rigid plastic packaging solutions, wanted to find a solution to optimise the energy consumption of their production lines.  After selecting the most relevant machines, sensors were installed on different types of assets.  After four months, a savings potential of €28,000 was identified.

Key results

More control of company operations

Savings potential of €28,000

Insight into energy waste per working shift

What the customer wanted

Berry | PET Power is Europe’s number one innovative leader in rigid plastic packaging solutions. Berry | PET Power wanted to find a solution that would help to optimise the energy consumption of their production facility in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands. Mark Stapel, utility engineer at Berry | PET Power said, ‘We contacted Sensorfact to gain more insight into the energy consumption of our 35 production lines and how we can decrease the energy waste in these production lines.’

Solution for the customer

Sensorfact sensors were placed on all machines, such as the injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) machines for Berry | PET Power packaging, dryers, hydraulic pumps, and chillers in two of the 35 production lines. These sensors provide power (kW) and energy consumption (kWh) data per machine through the Sensorfact web-application. ‘After the installation was finished, we had a meeting with Sensorfact Energy Consultants during which we determined how to use this data in combination with our own production data to get a valuable insight into our energy consumption.’


The result

The above process resulted in data-driven insights into the energy waste of the production lines, specifying in which shifts most energy waste occurred and how often someone forgot to turn off a machine. In accordance with the resulting data, Sensorfact assisted in mapping several areas for improvement. ‘The next step will be investigating new energy saving solutions, for example, a combination of technical interventions and a change in behaviour. For now, we are considering an automated production stop and the training of staff members based on a weekly tracking report.’


Mark Stapel | Berry | PET Power

Utility Engineer

‘We use the Sensorfact solution to gain insights in the net energy consumption of our production lines and how to decrease our energy waste. After four months, a savings potential of €28,000 was identified. Most savings were found in our hydraulic pumps, dryers and chillers.’

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