Key challenges to reducing energy use

Most industrial plants want to reduce energy use or costs and most have also made efforts in those directions. The key challenge to reducing energy use is that most organisations lack the structure to support these efforts.      

Key challenges to reducing energy use

Your team probably experience the following key challenges to reducing energy use:

1. Lack of insights

Many plant managers have insufficient information on energy efficiency opportunities. Can you already tell how efficient you are (at either the site or machine-level)? Do you have a method of monitoring and targeting performance? Insights are crucial to be able to reduce your energy use.

2. Lack of time

As a plant manager you are challenged with a limited amount of time. Especially if you are a manager of a smaller site, you probably do not have the capacity to allocate the responsibility of energy efficiency to one member of staff.

3. Lack of focus

As a plant manager your KPl’s are likely concentrated around capacity utilisation, operating efficiency, and overall equipment effectiveness such as machine downtime. Cost reduction is often deemed a lower priority than capital spending to increase business capacity.

Find out how Smart Energy Management can reduce your energy in an affordable way

Businesses recognise the importance of fighting climate change and the opportunities deriving from energy efficiency. At the same time a lack of insights, time and focus result in many opportunities to save energy are being missed.

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Smart Energy Management can unlock a whole array of benefits such as lower operating costs, improved profits, reduced environmental impact and improved operations. Download the white paper and find out how you can reduce your energy usage in a Smart and cost-effective way.

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Written by

Anne Gierveld

Marketing Manager